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How we can help you

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Floor Polishing

Do your floors look just dirty but scratched and dull where they should be shiny? Then you need a full polish and chemical deep clean. 
At MGS we fully protect your furniture and painted walls. We then using a water-based system grind down scratches and tiling lips before fully polishing the floor back to the finish of your choice, whether a honed matte finish, satin or high shine. We also reseal the floor or apply a special crystal sheen microfilm coating for even more protection. 
To help you keep those floors clean and shiny we also supply a detailed guide on how to clean and maintain the floor.


Floor Cleaning

Stone floors need to be correctly cleaned and maintained. If incorrect cleaners are used they will strip the sealer from the stone making the stone prone to damage. The wrong cleaners may also remove the polished finish. All-natural stone floors should be sealed annually for protection.

MGS Restoration Ltd offer a full cleaning service with free quotations. We thoroughly clean the floor stripping away any grease, cleaning agents, and sealers. Once dry we reseal the floors, top up any missing grout and finish with silicone. We guide you personally through how to care and look after your stone finish. We also leave you with a care guide hard copy.

If your floors are heavily scratched we can offer you our full diamond cutting service.


Front External Steps

Pollution and dirt will impregnate into the limestone and sandstone steps unless maintained. Often, they turn darker and patchy from foot traffic.

MGS will diamond cut the surface. Then chemically wash the stone before sealing and protecting the stone for the future. 



Do you have limescale build up around the shower valves and walls? Has your cleaner used a limescale cleaner such as Viakal to clean the marble? Is your silicone lifting off?

Limescale cleaners contain strong acids which when mixed with the alkaline marbles and limestone chemically burn the surface. Only diamond cutting and polishing can restore the stone back to its original beauty. 

MGS Restoration Ltd off a full cleaning service. We reseal all your stone and replace all silicone for the future.


Worktop Manufacturing

We are stone specialists focusing on the supply, templating, manufacturing and installation of all natural and artificial quartz composite stone in residential and commercial projects. We believe our proactive approach to working with our clients leaves them with a finished product of which to be proud. Our belief is that care and attention over sourcing stone combined with precision manufacturing and a personal touch leaves a pleasing experience for everyone.

You simply need to send us your kitchen design package with plans, pick a material and we can price up your project. We then template over the finished cabinet, manufacture and install. 


Bathroom Cladding Installation

At MGS we understand the requirements of a luxury bathroom bespoke manufactured from beautiful blocks of marble. We can assist you from the initial concept right through to final completion. Initial costings can be undertaken from architect plans and then we can evolve your design and material choices to develop a stone element to your bathroom which will look stunning!
We are true believers that it is all in the detail! We pride ourselves on our communication with the client at templating to advise and agree on all the little details. From wall panel joint decisions running through the bottom of niche or shower controls to door architrave and shower tray details.
We want your stone to last the test of time which is why we offer pre-works site meetings to run through preparation on sub structures and floor/wall build ups so there is never any chance of future problems. To reinforce our adhesive fixing we also mechanically fix our stone to lock it in place and think ahead at templating to design our cladding installation to lock in each wall with the next.


External Stone Cleaning 

Natural stone externally needs to be cared for and maintained. MGS offer the hot 150 degree pressure washing and chemical treatment of all natural external stones. The bulk is Portland or York stone most commonly undertaken in the early summer period for areas such as front steps and external rear patios.

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