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Terrazzo Case Studies below

A 500 year old traditional floor system where various sized marble chippings are set in a coloured concrete screed and polished to a smooth shiny finish.
Terrazzo is highly versatile material which can be applied in situ to floors and other surfaces, made into tiles or cast into moulds to almost any shape. It's hard nature makes it perfect for high traffic floors and for that reason it has proved very popular in commercial buildings, shopping centres, supermarkets, airports, hotels, railway stations, and hospitals. It is also commonplace in a vast number of now listed buildings.
Resin Terrazzo is a new type of terrazzo, replacing cement with clear or coloured polyurethane resin providing an even more durable product. It is more flexible then cement and requires almost no expansion joints.

MGS Restoration Ltd Terrazzo Services include cleaning, repairs and matched replacements in grade listed buildings. We can also lay in-situ or precast terrazzo in new buildings projects.

Terrazzo Case Studies 

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Office Refit Staircase, South London

January 2020


BM1198 - Signal Works House, Terrazzo Refurbishment

Signal Works House, Great Suffolk Street, Southwark, SE11 1PP 


Luxury offices fit out in London. The original Terrazzo staircase was the only remaining feature. Diamond polished all steps, riser, stringers and landings. Large chip and void  repairs caused by general building works. Approximately ten flights of stairs including landings. Cira 150 small chip fills with colour matched akemi resin filler using carrara & botticino marble chippings.

Due to site limitations for access and other trades MGS ensured we met the client needs by undertaking works in one single weekend with three additional teams. 

Total m2 - 60m2 [Staircases]

Grade II Listed building, Ladbroke Grove

September 2019


Sunbeam Studio, Ladbroke Hall, 79 Barlby Road, London W10 6AZ


Ladbroke Hall, Edwardian Baroque style Grade II Listed building was built in 1903 as the headquarters building for the Sunbeam Talbot Motor Company and as such was part of the first purpose-built car factory in Britain. The building contains two large spaces originally used as car showrooms as well as offices and panelled directors’ suite.

Currently the space is being used as a photo and film studio. Following MGS Restoration Ltd’s recent works to the main marble floor in studio 3 and large Terrazzo restoration works in studio 1 & 2 the studio will now also be used for Art gallery exhibitions.

Studio 3 white marble with black key stone pattern with borders. We removed 15 damaged tiles and bespoke cut new tiles from slabs for new installation. We removed and filled with new fresh grout to the whole floor then diamond cut the surface for a flat even finish and tone before polishing the surface to a medium shine / lustre. We also diamond cut two staircases including repairs and new riser section. 

Studio 1 & 2 Balconies Terrazzo laid in situ with staircases and soffits. Large damage staircase required major repair work. Floor has a large amount of cracks caused by general historic wear. These were colour matched resin filled before diamond polishing. The main floor of these studios is currently covered with a raised floor and there are plans to remove this for future Terrazzo floor restoration. 

Total m2 - 529

Telephone Exchange Floor Grade II, Kingston upon Thames

May 2019


Telephone Exchange Kingston 

23 Brook Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2BN


Purpose built telephone exchange, built in 1907 and opened in 1908. Arts and Crafts style with an asymmetrical plan. refurbishment, alteration and reconfiguration of two listed building (the Old Post Office and Telephone Exchange)

MGS Restoration undertook vital Terrazzo repairs, cleaning and transferred a section of floor to a new allocation to allow for a new wall to be installed. As you can see via the photos significant repairs and fills were required. We were able to reuse all the hand cut venitian mosaic for major repairs to the worn floor and filling in pipe holes. New mosaic’s were hand cut to fit the small area, then blended in by our expert stone masons. Cracks were filled with colour matched resin filler, Turkish white & Verdi Alpi marble chippings. Finally the floor was polished and sealed in accordance with St Geroge, Goldsmith Group and Historic England. 

Total m2 - 50

Church 1792, Farringdon

October 2019


St James Church, Clerkenwell Close, Farringdon, London EC1R 0EA


Formally a Nunnery of St Mary: c. 1100–1539, the church of St James Clerkenwell was built between 1788 and 1792. It replaced a much earlier church, parts of which dated back to the twelfth century. Prior to the reformation there was an Augustinian nunnery dedicated to St Mary on the site, and after the reformation parts of the building were used by the parish as the parish church. 

All floors within the church are a combination of in-situ Terrazzo and venitian mosaic on the main platform. All hand installed and finished. Terrazzo dates back over 500 years but we are unable to judge when this was installed. 

The main floor had nine large open and uneven level cracks which we cleaned out and filled with colour matched stone resin filler and marble chipping. The project costs only allowed for working the floor over the restored area and not the whole floor so they did look cleaner than the surrounding floor. We feathered this out to look as natural as possible. On the venitian mosaic we have around 15-20 missing tiles which we manufactured new pieces and installed. 

Total m2 - 140

Church complete refit in-situ Terrazzo casting, Croyden

July 2018


St Mildred's Parish Church, 30 Bingham Rd, Croydon, CR0 7EB


Built: 1931 - 34, A brick church in round-arched style with some cinema overtones in the furnishings, especially in the late classical reredos. The altar is lit by windows in a low tower above, and the Lady Chapel stands beyond to the east.

Due to new heating system installation two sections of the original terrazzo floor were removed for piping to be installed. MGS Restoration Ltd installed in-situ colour matched cement Terrazzo tiles in three colours along with 20-30 crack and hole repairs. As we were unable to diamond cut the whole floor we have to take every precaution to ensure that we did not machine the face of the existing tiles. 

Total m2 - 105

Apartment Communal Areas, Winchmore Hill, London

May 2019


Park House, Winchmore Hill, London


Residential apartment block communal areas. In-situ casting of three staircases and tiled landings. Over 40 years of cleaning with the incorrect products left a shiny greasy effect and was very dark in colour. MGS diamond cut the surface of the stone and chemical washed before sealing thoroughly with specialist terrazzo sealer. The changes were fantastic.

External Terrazzo Portico & Steps

May 2018


The Laurels, Finchley, London


Residential apartment Block. Communal area, external Terrazzo steps and portico. The Terrazzo had been untouched for over 20 years. We chemically cleaned and diamond cut the top surface away to reveal the original stone. Due to large water pooling we also undertook the installation of two flush drains to allow water to drain off. Cira 10 porcelain step nosings were broken. MGS sourced matching replacements and installed along with a new tile installation to the bottom landing of the steps. 

Private Residential

January 2019


Private Residential, London


Residential home with a bespoke Terrazzo floor we believe was installed in an old terrazzo specialists home due to the complexity of the design. Historical crack repairs were very bad and had been undertaken by someone with no Terrazzo knowledge. We were able to rake them out and fill with matched chippings and resin. We also undertook two large hole fills, diamond cut the whole floor and polished up to the highest best shine possible. 

Shopping Centre Restaurant Floor, Canary Wharf, London

January 2019


Restaurant Floor


Installed only one year earlier the floor was very dirty and greasy. MGS Restoration ltd chemically cleaned and removed all the grease from the floor before sealing with several coats of specialist stone impregnation sealer. Due to working restrictions MGS worked throughout the night to see completion before opening again to the public. 

Church, Edgware Road, London

October 2018


Former Synagogue and currently Church with multiple Terrazzo staircases and main foyer.


MGS were contacted to inspect and provide a large paid sample cleaning service to a landing and two steps to ascertain the project size and for the Church to undertake future works. The white Terrazzo staircase had been cleaned over the years with bleach, acid etching the surface and causing the face to break down allowing dirt to become ingrained. Cracks caused by historic movement were also present on the surface of several landings.  MGS diamond cut the surface of the stone with the large floor machine to bring back the original finish beneath. We also cleaned and colour match resin filled the crack lines making them less visible. Main works begin 2021.

Restaurant Refit, Westbourne Grove Notting Hill, 

August, 2019

Restaurant refurbishment in Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill. The client required us to undertake a full chemical deep clean and reseal within only a very limited time frame available. The floor came out a completely different colour right back to the original finish.

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